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CERON Type 308 Stationary

Machine Type:

CERON Type 308 Stationary

The CERON TYPE 308 is the perfect combination of high quality technology, high efficiency and long service life. The machine frame and the drive system have been dimensioned to suit the highest requirements and work loads without making any compromises.


The CERON TYPE 308 is the largest machine in our CERON family. With the aid of the directly driven shredding drum, the teeth pulls the material through the shredding comb. The shredding comb automatically opens to prevent occurrence of any damage in case of obstructions. The obstruction is discharged and processing continues. The features that make the CERON TYPE 308 stand out include a high throughput and the coarse-grain composition of the shredded materials, even in case of more challenging tasks.

The CERON TYPE 308 also impresses thanks to its ease of maintenance and user friendliness as well as due to the ability to easily replace wear and tear parts in just a few steps. The level connection options in the infeed and discharge areas ensure moreover that the machine is able to easily adapt to installation-specific conditions. In turn, that literally makes the CERON TYPE 308 the right partner for existing and new installations with focus on high throughput in all application areas.

The machine is directly driven by a three-phase motor, belt drive and a powerful bevel helical gearbox. The speed can be individually regulated using the frequency inverter to ensure that the machine is always optimally adapted to the respective process requirements. Large safety doors and flaps facilitate the efficient and safe maintenance from outside of the machine.

The pre-shredders of the CERON series process waste wood, roots, green waste, bio-waste, household waste, bulky waste, commercial waste, construction waste and much more. This makes the machine well suited for a wide variety of tasks in the areas of mechanical/biological treatment, bio-mass processing or recovery of refuse-derived fuels.


  • Waste wood processing
  • Composting
  • Commercial waste recycling
  • Refuse derived fuel processing
  • Construction waste


  • New drive technology with three-phase motor and frequency inverter
  • Driven using the rugged bevel helical gearbox and belt drive
  • Several gear reductions are available, easy to implement by changing the motor pulley 
  • There are several gear reductions available for the belt drive system, which ensures that the drive is optimally adapted to the respective shredding task
  • Very good torque/speed characteristics, since the engine torque is increased in case of load and drop in speed (comparable with the Vario gearbox from the Inventhor line). This is achieved by means of state-of-the-art control of the frequency inverter. 
  • Modular design of machine, which makes more equipment variations available (shredding systems M, L and XL)
  • Easy to service and maintain as a result of comb hatch that can be opened hydraulically, offering direct access to the shredding tools
  • Shredding drum can be moved in jog mode to allow for a much easier tool change
  • Rugged frame design with a weight of up to 45 m. tons
  • The three-phase motor is low-maintenance and impervious to dust and ensures lower noise emissions 
  • Automatic reversing of shredding drum in case of overload. The machine automatically reverses and then switches to forward again 
  • Dust emissions are decreased with the aid of integrated misting system


Peso totale (kg)
Lunghezza (mm)
Larghezza (mm)
Altezza (mm)
Larghezza di trasporto (mm)
Altezza di trasporto (mm)
Lunghezza di trasporto (mm)
Tipo di motore
Motore AC
Potenza motore (kW / CV)
Potenza installata (kW)
350, a seconda dell'attrezzatura
Coppia (Nm)
Efficienza energetica
Engine type 2
Tipo di motore 2
Motore CA.
Potenza motore (kW / CV)
Coppia (Nm)
Larghezza di carico (mm)
Altezza di carico (mm)
3930 a seconda della struttura in acciaio
Numero di rulli
Lunghezza rullo (mm)
Diametro rullo (mm)
Velocità del rullo (min-1)
13-15, a seconda dell'attrezzatura
Numero di denti del rullo
a seconda dell'attrezzatura
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