A close collaboration to optimize the recovery of materials.

Tiger Depack

Tiger DePack brings together the technologies specifically developed for the depackaging of packaged products and those for the separation of materials intended for recovery from non-compostable ones

Tiger DePack is the technology chosen, in various countries around the world, for the treatment of different types of materials. Tiger is a reliable supplier and technological partner of important companies operating in the sector of goods and food production and waste treatment also by means of anaerobic digestion and composting. Between Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States there are more than 100 Tiger Depacks. Its main customers are manufacturing companies committed to an approach based on the direct recovery of the waste they produce to give it a new life. Thanks to them and together with them, in the last 15 years, Cesaro Mac Import had the opportunity to continuously improve its technology. Tiger Depack is a Cesaro Mac Import patent.

Tiger Depack machines

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