A process developed to recover the organic waste

Il Girasole

Il Girasole Tunnel©Composting is an aerobic system, conceived and developed by Cesaro Mac Import, for the treatment of organic waste and the production of quality compost that can be used in traditional and organic agriculture.

Air treatment is fundamental for this system, in fact the management of organic waste requires great attention in order to reduce the toxic and odorous substances that are formed during the aerobic process. For the same reason, the entire process takes place in biotunnels with controlled ventilation and with forced management systems and air filtration with scrubbers and biofilters. Since the early 2000s, Cesaro has been developing this technology to ensure tailored solutions for the requirements of its customers. 

The Girasole Tunnel Composting technology stands out on the market for the use of high quality materials and tools as well as cutting-edge software.

Today customer expectations must increasingly match stringent regulations and laws 

and this means efficiency with full respect for the environment.

The bio-tunnel composting system allows us to obtain an excellent result through the reduction of waste and harmful substances.

Il Girasole machines

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