A market reference in the recycling of non-ferrous metals.


MTB has been operating for 40 years in the processing of copper cables, aluminum cables, e-waste (WEEE), ordinary industrial waste (OIW), tyres, scrap metal, etc. The company diversified its recycling capabilities and constantly improved the quality and robustness its machines. The founder, Francis Sevilla, began in 1981 to develop mechanical methods for recycling non-ferrous metals from cables. While the first machines for sale were being built, Francis Sevilla decided to create aluminum and copper cable recycling lines to test and improve the equipment – ​​ a unique reality in the world.

Today the company is part of the MTB ECO-SYSTEM: an entrepreneurship

for meeting customer needs, focused on production, service and recycling points.

Cesaro has been a Mtb Partner since 2022 for metal treatment products.

MTB machines

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