Recycling of Organic Material Streams

With its eTurner E380, the Velbert-based compost turner specialist JT RecTec heralds a radical change in turning technology. The semi-autonomous machine turns compost windrows independently; the operator merely monitors and controls the machine by remote control. Thanks to its electric drive, the eTurner E380 consumes significantly fewer resources than conventional models. Furthermore, it operates with very low emissions and low noise. JT RecTec has been exclusively distributing the eTurner worldwide since January 2023. In addition, selected trade partners support in distribution. The market launch of further turner models is planned for the second half of 2023 and the beginning of 2024. As a subsidiary of LIG GmbH, the company can draw on extensive expertise in mechanical engineering.

JT RecTec managing directors Thomas Hölscher and Jens Wiechmann are united by a common dream: they want to rethink turning technology and lead it to automation. Before founding the company for this purpose in December 2021, the two machine specialists had already been working in the field of composting and turning technology for 30 years. “Maintaining the status quo was no longer enough for us at some point. We wanted to advance turning technology through true innovations for our customers,” explains Thomas Hölscher.

Support is provided by LIG GmbH as well as its subsidiary Doppstadt. “Both companies have many years of comprehensive expertise in environmental technology. With Doppstadt as the industry leader in the field of processing technology and LIG, we have strong partners at our side,” says Thomas Hölscher.

Turning: the machines

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