Toward the Top

11 September, 2023
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Credits: Cesaro Mac Import

“I had to go to the ends of the earth to find myself” G. Dello Margio

We followed our salesman Giuseppe Dello Margio on his journey to the K2 ski area in Nepal.

Surrounded by the highest mountains in the world in a lunar landscape full of unexpected events, where nature is the undisputed master but the signs of man are unfortunately clearly visible.

Cesaro Mac Import has followed this path of adventure and research because our goal is sustainability not only as a word that has now become fashionable, but as a conscious CHOICE for a concrete future.

A choice we face every day individually and as a company.

Along the way, there was no shortage of setbacks and dangers given by a country under military control and a still largely unexplored route.

Joseph’s determination, a bit of luck and even unexpected help from Cesaro’s Service made it possible to reach the goal set.

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