9 January, 2023
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Credits: by Hitachi Zosen Innova Press

The proven technology conquers the whole of Italy.

From January 2023, Hitachi Zosen Inova AG, based in Zurich, together with its historic Italian partner, Cesaro Mac Import, will build another plant for the dry fermentation of biogenic waste in the heel of Italy.

The project, designed for the production of biogas from the treatment of organic waste in the province of Brindisi, will be an important booster for the Italian strategy of waste management improvement.

From next November, the gas will be used to generate renewable electricity. Zurich/Erchie.

Shortly before the end of the year, the Swiss greentech company Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) and Cesaro Mac Import (CMI) signed the contract for the construction of the 20th Italian digester. CMI, in Italy, is a key player in waste management and a long-term EPC commercial partner of HZI, with whom it shares many years of joint project experience. The construction of the plant is scheduled for the beginning of the year in Erchie, in southern Puglia about 30 km southeast of the port of Brindisi. The customer is Heracle Srl, which from late autumn 2023 will use biogenic waste collected in the region to generate renewable electricity in an on-site composting plant.

Proven technology that is now conquering all of Italy.

After various projects in northern and central Italy, the proven Kompogas® technology is now also used in the south of the country.

The heart of the treatment process is a plug-flow digester housed in a reinforced concrete construction. Inside this digester, 30,000 tonnes of organic waste (OFMSW) and green waste collected separately in the province of Brindisi will be mixed and degassed, under anaerobic conditions, by means of a horizontal longitudinal agitator with plow blades. The expected production is about 10 million Nm³/yr of biogas, which will then be converted into electricity thanks to a cogeneration plant. The electricity generated will be enough to power around 2,200 four-person households in the region for one year.

Key component of the waste management system.

Plants like the one in Erchie are essential for modernizing the treatment of municipal waste in Italy and, in particular, in the south of the country. The recovery and recycling of resources are very important points in the renewal of waste management. Biogas technology, such as the Erchie digester, plays a special role because, together with farmer-managed plants, it allows the generation of renewable energy through the recycling of biogenic municipal waste, food production waste and green waste.

The energy thus produced offers numerous possible applications: electricity, heat and fuel for vehicles.

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9 January, 2023


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