DH 812 Mobile

For the DH 812, accessibility is the most natural of things. Everywhere the tractor is able to pull through the PTO chipper on its coat-tails duly follows suit.

At the scene, the DH 812 immediately gets to the real meat. By selecting the suitable screen basket the chip size can be seamlessly adjusted from G3 to G100. Thanks to its closed rotor and the perfect adjustment of screen basket and blade advance the machine continuously produces finished goods of the highest grade.

Rotating at 1.000 rpm the PTO shaft is the powerhouse of this wood chipper. A transverse in-feed system running backwards and forwards transports the wood to a float-mounted feeding roller.

The full-steel chipping drum is fit into solid steel frames, while the special arrangement of the chippings knives makes the DH 812 run with a minimum amount of vibration and ensures perfectly shaped chips from all types of wood. The chips are discharged by means of an integrated impeller blower.

All good in the wood – with the DH 812 you’ve always got what it takes to process different types and sizes of wood for maximum precision, flexibility and cost-effecitveness.


The precision chippers of the DH series 812 process waste wood, wood  slabs, log and industrial wood to diferent sizes of wood chips. The machines can handle trunk diameters up to 800 mm temporary.


  • Variable infeed speed
  • Closed, robust chipping drum produces evenly shaped wood chips
  • High rotor weight of more than 3 t for constant rotation speed
  • Thrower driven directly by the rotor for efficit chipping and long distance throwing
  • Variable blade advance and easily changeable screens for high quality wood chips in sizes from P16 to P100 (G30 - G100)
  • Protected counterknife
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Hydraulic blocking of the axle ensures stability againt collapse
  • Optional: wide tires for heavy terrain

Technical data

Total weight (kg)19000
Length (mm)6360
Width (mm)5039
Height (mm)5834
Transport width (mm)2539
Transport height (mm)3929 depending on crane
Transport length (mm)6414
Engine typeDrive by PTO shaft of tractor 1 3/4' Z=20
Makerequired power 250 - 370 kW
Motor power (kW / PS)250-370 / 340-500
Logdiameter Hardwood (mm)480
Logdiameter Softwood (mm)600
Infeed height (mm)950
Infeed width (mm)1200
Rotor Diameter (mm)1000
Rotor Width (mm)1200
Loading height (mm)1408
Loading width (mm)2016

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