Il Girasole
Impianti di Biostabilizzazione**

Cesaro Mac Import is a global landmark in the environmental technologies division.

Cesaro Mac Import also demonstrates its inclination and its passion for the environment in the composting business by introducing the concentration of technology and innovation that is Il Girasole Tunnel©omposting.

Il Girasole Tunnel©omposting works thanks to 2 cutting-edge components. A powerful and user-friendly software designed to manage parameters as temperature, humidity rate and oxygen concentration in real-time and to plan essential parts of the process in advance.

A closed reactor with a system for air insufflation from the floor, designed to regenerate exhausted air and then recirculate it to minimise disposal.

Il Girasole Tunnel©omposting plants are solutions tailor-made to the customer's specific requirements. For Cesaro Mac Import, designing a plant means offering a product that accommodates the specific needs of its customers, to achieve the best possible yield and avoid unnecessary waste.

Thanks to the modularity of our bio-tunnels, we can offer you a plant customised to your needs: from bio-tunnel dimensions and quantity, to the quantity of bases and bio-filters, and even the choice of all the other components. A competitive investment both in terms of start-up costs as well as running costs.