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Category "Biowaste Collection and Sorting Stations**" (id:107)

Cesaro Mac Import has been active in the world of waste for quite some time.

Before the onset of anaerobic digestion and composting, Cesaro Mac Import designed and installed several types of plant, such as collection and sorting stations.

Loyal to its roots, Cesaro Mac Import still continues to design and install efficient solutions for collection and the initial treatment phases, offering the best technologies and machines on the market, as always. The broad range of Doppstadt and Sennebogen products will allow you to find the solution that best suits your needs in terms of space and productivity: hoppers, conveyors, shredders, screens, loaders; all in the stationary electric version to guarantee maximum savings in operating costs and a definite contribution towards saving the planet. Thanks to the brand-new Tiger HS640 separator and homogenisation system, featuring patented technology, Cesaro Mac Import offers you added value in a simple and cost-effective way, to separate organic waste from packaging efficiently, whether Organic Fraction of Solid Urban Waste from differentiated waste collection or food production or supermarket waste.

Small solutions too, such as a small collection or sorting plant, need a lot of experience to operate in the best possible way and produce properly. Recommending the right machine to use, carefully studying the available space or introducing a new treatment line to supplement an existing one are just some of the specific activities that distinguish the experience gained by Cesaro Mac Import.

This is why Cesaro Mac Import is a reliable partner who will render your projects profitable.

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