Establishment in which you do the admission of vehicles and their restoration extends into a covered area of 3000 square meters and is equipped with the most modern equipment . Precision instruments and electronic terminals for the control and verification of the correct operation of the machines serviced. Our reference standards are accurate and

determined, our interventions careful and complete. Means for efficient and , above all, safe . The Cesaro Mac Import has articulated its role of service in various aspects of intervention. With telephone support , 24-hour 24 , the company manages and maintains the answers coordination between the customer and the technical sector of relevance : spare parts warehouse , ready assistance , external service . For the service of maintaining the machines, the Cesaro employs its own technicians , and when reasons of cost containment and functionality you require , pick up the machinery to process them in

its headquarters . For assistance in site, Cesaro has created a tight-knit team of technicians and extraordinarily qualified and authorized workshops external thanks to the availability of Service 11 Van , equipped for prompt assistance , repair services are performed - in cases permitted - directly at the customer's plant .

For the Cesaro Mac Import assist function is not an appendage of the main obligation , but it is a real cardinal point upon which to build the relationship of trust and collaboration with the client. For the Cesaro is a fact that a priority to offer customers compelling reasons to continue to invest in the environmental sector and to continue on the path of innovation with enthusiasm and optimism. From the synergy of all the technical, logistical , organizational and especially the involvement of all the company's resources , especially human ones , comes a service offering reliable, structured in an organic way. Some results can only be achieved with the participation of all , through a labor of synergies and exchange of information in which all contribute to achieving the joint . The company has put at the disposal of its technicians the tools they need to make informed with methodologies that allow to break down the dead time , to act promptly and skills because ns. satisfaction is inevitably linked to the satisfaction of our clienti.La availability and experience make the company and the people who make it a safe option that allows the ns . customers to sleep soundly .