Into For those working in the field of recovery and / or disposal of waste is of fundamental importance to have machines more efficient to allow a continuity of operation : the shutdown of even one day can cause huge operational difficulties and hardships that it is better avoid.
companies like ours are key interlocutors of private and public enterprises and play a key role in maintaining the highest levels of our commitment to protect people and the territory through technologies and reliable services.
assistance continuous and timely service then become the guarantee of operational stability necessary to safeguard the community.
this is why the Parts Department of Eraclea with its 2000 square meters is structured so that you always have the necessary spare parts to answer all the questions Vs .
the warehouse is open from 7.30 until 19.30 and the staff is at your disposal to best perform your requests , looking for the most optimal solutions in terms of both supply and opportunities . Thanks to this, our technicians are able to leave for maintenance right now, thus reducing downtime and inconveniences that you can create.
For us it is an obligation to try to increase the level of satisfaction of our customers , to whom we gave the best service possible, because if it is true that it is important to buy equipment with high technological and qualitative value as the Doppstadt , it is equally important to be assisted by a suitable structure and technical know how to intervene quickly and efficiently . This high level of service is made possible only through a robust , thanks to continuous investments directed to a responsible and organized management of human and technological resources .