Impianti di Digestione Anaerobica**

Since 2010, Cesaro Mac Import has become the official dealer of Axpo kompogas anaerobic digestion plants; this is yet another prestigious brand that supplements the existing comprehensive range of products which Cesaro Mac Import offers its customers.

The technological innovation brought by Axpo kompogas offers customers a unique product that is simply one-of-a-kind, designed to achieve significant quantities of biogas in a simple, dynamic and continuous manner: a horizontal digester covered by multiple patents, including process liquid recirculation and the Plug & Flow system, which does away with the need for an operator for loading and discharging once and for all.

The automated operation of Axpo kompogas digesters also reduces the number of operators required to operate the plant.

The reactor, which is completely isolated from the outside, guarantees optimal living conditions for bacteria, and eliminates any wear of internal components since these are not oxidised due to the total absence of oxygen.

Axpo Kompogas adapts its products to all sorts of needs: indeed, thanks to the modularity of the system, the number of digesters can increase to match the quantity of waste processed.

Being at the cutting edge also means being flexible: that's why Axpo Kompogas anaerobic digesters can treat several different types of waste, such as the Organic Fraction of Solid Urban Waste, lop, livestock farming waste, etc.

In addition, the modularity and compact size of AXPO Kompogas digesters make them ideal for incorporation into an existing plant.

The design, the arrangement of the various components and creation of a layout which matches the customer's requirements or which can be incorporated into an existing plant are actively monitored by Cesaro Mac Import.

Our engineers, technicians and operators are skilled professionals who are willing and keen to support you throughout all the major phases of production, such as the plant design and the authorisation procedures to open it.

What's more, we will actively monitor you during all phases of construction and commissioning, and will continue our commitment thereafter.


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