The big stuff:

  • Wednesday: interview to Tiger Depack Team by WMW Waste Management World
  • Thursday: record flow of visitors
  • Friday: Cesaro employees day at the trade fair
  • Friday: visit of JURI RAGNOLI of the Scott Racing Team sponsored by Cesaro



23rd edition
5-8 november 2019
Rimini - Italy

Also this year Cesaro Mac Import joined the trade Fair Ecomondo in Rimini

The 23rd edition of Ecomondo is closed:
Cesaro Mac Import took part.


cesaro macimport ecomondo 2019 00

The 23rd edition of Ecomondo is just finished, the international fair trade where leading companies working for innovation show their projects of circular economy: from the recovy of material and energy to sustainable development.

The visitors of this prominent trade fair in Europe for industrial and technological innovation found a stand fully representative of the outstanding importance of Cesaro Mac Import in the field of environmental technologies.

The company offers to its customers machines for waste treatment and handling brand Doppstadt and Sennebogen: shredders, screens, mixer and material handler. This machines are designed and installed on many type of plants - waste treatment, composting, special waste recycling, composting boxes, RDF production and biomass - always ensuring post sales assistance.

Cesaro Mac Import is a reference partner having the specific skill and the tools to help private society and institutions working in waste treatment to solve even the most critical issues thanks to a competence grown day by day challenging environmental changes, requirements and emergencies.

CMI: a meaningful and newly designed stand.

The stand has a key role to present in a significant way the new projects and in a proper space even the biggest machines. This space is tought for people, the very basis of each activity and the engine of ideas and projects. It contains location especially designed for welcoming and listening to make the event turn into a real opportunity.



13 cesaro macimport ecomondo 2019


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18 cesaro macimport ecomondo 2019


14 cesaro macimport ecomondo 2019

This year the focus was given to the exposing area for machines with two new offers: Doppstadt Kimo Type 20 e Sennebogen 355E.

Kimo Type 20 for RDF, in Italy for the first time at Ecomondo, is the most powerful shredder brand Doppstadt. It is perfect for light packaging with highcalorific value and plastic film, for critical materials like copper and alluminium waste and for smart production of RDF.


19 cesaro macimport ecomondo doppstadt 2019


21 cesaro macimport ecomondo doppstadt 2019


20 cesaro macimport ecomondo doppstadt 2019

Sennebogen 355E is an extraordinary mix between a telehandler and a wheel loader.

The elevating cab provides an uncommon overview on the whole jobsite. It has the stability, the strength and break away force of wheel loader in addition to the flexibility and the solidity of a telehandler offering maximum loading capability even during more work shift.


34 cesaro macimport ecomondo sennebogen 2019


35 cesaro macimport ecomondo sennebogen 2019


36 cesaro macimport ecomondo sennebogen 2019

Interview to Tiger Depack Team for WMW Waste Management World

Tiger Depack system, worldwide patented and exported, is the result of the wide experience of Cesaro Mac Import, successfully adopted to improve the quality of organic materials going to anaerobic digestion by reducing the amount of plastic refuse.

During the years Tiger Depack system was functionally applied in separation of biodegradable materials from light packaging both in traditional production lines (as a pre-treatment or refining after treatment) and an independent system within a dedicated line.

Thanks to its extreme and unique adaptability this system allows to work different types of materials, even paper and it is all over the world exported and appreciated.

Visit Tiger Depack for more info


22 cesaro macimport ecomondo tigerdepack 2019


24 cesaro macimport ecomondo tigerdepack 2019


25 cesaro macimport ecomondo tigerdepack 2019


26 cesaro macimport ecomondo tigerdepack 2019

Cesaro Mac Import employees day

The employees of the company were invited to the fair in a devoted day.

A bus was arranged to pick up sixty employees at Eraclea and take them to Ecomondo to enjoy and share some time together friendly.


27 cesaro macimport ecomondo 2019


28 cesaro macimport ecomondo 2019


29 cesaro macimport ecomondo 2019

Juri Ragnoli of Scott Racing Team at Ecomondo

Juri Ragnoli, a biker, marathon runner and winner of many international competitions of mountain bike such as Dolomiti Superbike and Hero Dolomites, is a source of pride in atlethic competitions for Cesaro Mac Import and Sennebogen. Cesaro Mac Import is proudly sponsor of the official team presented Friday to the general and professional public.


32 cesaro macimport ecomondo sennebogen 2019


31 cesaro macimport ecomondo sennebogen 2019

Let’s finish saying that Ecomondo remains a great and unmissable event. This year the visitors at our stand rose by 30% from last year. This is an important award for all the efforts we spent on tools, services and, firstly, on people who are the authentic energy of this strong industrial reality, Cesaro Mac Import.

Thanks to all and see you at Ecomondo 2020.


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