Benefit from its unique VarioDirect Drive, highest uptime and simple, flexible operation, right from the first ton. Get to know the successor of the DW 3060 and take advantage of the latest Doppstadt shredder generation for your business!



Powerful, dynamic, and ready to use anywhere you need it! The Inventhor Type 6 shreds with high efficiency – whether green waste, industrial waste, waste wood and a lot more. And, of course, in perfect teamwork with the Doppstadt Selector 800 with SWS 800 spiral shaft screen within complete material processing lines.

The Inventhor Type 6 does not only promise more economic efficiency – it also adduces the evidence. Compared to the DW and a competitor twin-shaft shredder it becomes clear that the Inventhor Type 6 achieves the same production as the competitors in spite of the lower nominal power, but it consumes less. Furthermore, it is extremely flexible and yields high-class results!

Flexible to use, easy to move, the Inventhor Type 6 comes on a semitrailer with king-pin or six-wheel trailer with drawbar for transport up to 80 km/h.

Economic efficiency in operation also means that the shredder can be moved quickly to the place where you need it. With the tracked version you can move the Inventhor Type 6 safely and quickly on any surface, even during the shredding process

international dealers fully agree: The features of the Inventhor Type 9 that already aroused enthusiasm will make the Inventhor Type 6 even more successful!

Simply shred economically - no matter what happens! The new Inventhor Type 6 opens perspectives: a powerful, sophisticated single solution or flexible and intelligently combined.

With Doppstadt, you react smart to the increasing demands on recycling quotas – for example with the combination of Inventhor Type 6 and Selector 800: They process WasteWood as well as GreenWaste in one work step. For this purpose, the Selector screens out the oversized particles and returns them back to the shredding unit. Furthermore, it is driven by the additional hydraulic connection of the shredder. A total of 5 different spiral shaft decks for the selector and 2 Shredding systems for the Inventhor Type 6 enable individual configurations for any requirements.


The new Inventhor Type 6 stands for more efficiency, easy handling, good accessibility maximum uptime, due to the VarioDirect Drive system:

high production rates
low fuel consumption
self protection against damage
This is how it achieves unmatched low operating costs – even in case of difficult tasks.



The patented VarioDirect Drive copes with nearly all kinds of shredding tasks with excellent results. It transmits the driving power variably and continuously to the shredding shaft. Therefore, the Inventhor Type 6 combines the flexibility of a hydraulic drive with the efficiency and torque of a direct drives.

  • flexible rpm adjustment of the shaft independent of the engine rpm
  • intelligent reaction behaviour in case of overload
  • efficient self-protection thanks to the automatic stop and reverse of the shaft
  • dynamic starting behaviour even under load
  • economical shredding in different material programs


Inventhor Type 6 is perfectly prepared for any challenge in the recycling of a large variety of materials. It covers a wide range of applications in the field of pre-shredding.

  • configurable shredding system with quickly replaceable teeth
  • pre-settable processing programs for quick and intuitive operation of up to four different applications

Therefore, the Inventhor Type 6 is the ideal combination partner for robust separation solutions, where the finished product is made in one pass, so only touching the material once.

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