What would you like and would like to do in our company ?

Sales - Technical - Administration- Service

Cesaro Mac Import constantly looking for young figures motivated or people with proven experience to join our staff according to the characteristics, knowledge, experiences, aspirations of the candidates . 

If ..

web  Do you feel that what you think is far superior to what you can do ...
web Use the watch only as an object of design ..
web You want to feel part of a team and be able to sacrifice yourself for the good of this ..
web You can be flexible in your role because the stiffness is not creative ..
web You have passion in design ..
web Can you communicate with others..
web You can speak two languages..
web Been computer resources to optimum level..
web You think you can have fun and get excited ourselves every day of your life ... working!


Submit your curricolum indicating:


1 ) Study reference,
2 ) Your work experience,
3 ) Your specific knowledge,
4 ) A description of yourself, your aspirations, your character.



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