Quality products and competent professionals

The systems, equipment and components proposed by Cesaro are characterized by high reliability, durability and productivity.
The choice of materials, engineering, constant dialogue with customers, the company's management has led it to offer products with unique quality features.
Design engineers, supported by trained technicians and operators, are men with ideas, innovative ones who know how to make major changes on the environmental scene.
Understanding the reality and identify the specific needs of each customer is the approach that identifies the mode of operation of the technical staff of Cesaro.
The goal is to create action plans for success in full cooperation with the customer.

Organizational quality

An apparatus logistical and organizational excellent is the natural evolution of a company oriented to the development.
The Cesaro Mac Import has enhanced the skills acquired by integrating the efficiency and speed of response.
He also supported the wide range of products marketed oriented services to individual customer needs, the resulting structure is capable of handling complex responses effectively, both in the planning stage as aftermarket equipment.

Partner leader

The more than decade-long tenure with the company has channeled DOPPSTADT the innovative drive, already own the company, concrete results that combine environmental technologies to the real needs of the territory.
In addition to the machines with high technological value, the Cesaro imported by the German company a model of collaboration with the client that sees solutions, effective immediately and reliable in the long term.
Innovation is a mix of skills, technology and ways to cooperate.


From the point of view of the technology Cesaro actively arises not only in the current scenario, but in the future.
The introduction of monitoring systems and specific software for the control of processes, the progressive automation of processes, flexibility in the use of production lines are features that are becoming increasingly important in providing cutting-edge technologies and Answers .