Cesaro MAC. Import is attentive to compliance with the regulations and standards in force.

Especially when it comes to the environment , which has always been at the heart of its mission. That's why Cesaro Mac Import verifies that for every process, from design to after -sales service, are applied perfectly procedures to minimize the environmental impact of its activities.

In this section you can view all accreditations that Cesaro Mac Import srl has in terms of environmental policy , quality management and participation in public procurement .


ISO 9001 is the standard recognized internationally for the management of quality systems , for all those companies who want to improve the way they operate , thanks to a more profitable management of their activities. Thanks to UNI EN ISO 9001 , the company can compete more effectively in the market, improving customer satisfaction , thanks to a more rational approach of internal processes and the reduction of waste and inefficiency .

Thanks to its system of quality management , Cesaro Mac Import srl has made ​​more efficient and robust its corporate governance , and providing a basis for the implementation of other management systems adopted .


CMI Certificato 9001


ISO 14001 is the international standard , applicable to companies , which defines how it should be developed an effective Environmental Management System .

ISO 14001 is synonymous with real commitment towards the environment. Being certified UNI EN ISO 14001 means that we have adopted a series of production and management strategies that reduce environmental impacts.

To achieve these objectives, the aziendaha analyzed the complete picture of its activities and the environmental aspects over which it may affect , with reference to all laws and regulations. In addition, the company has set targets for improvement divided by function and defined procedures, timing , means and resources to achieve goals and targets.

Cesaro Mac.Importsrl aims to enter the verification phase of the environmental aspects in every action and decision on the design of new processes and modification of existing ones, choice of machines, equipment and products.

2018 CESARO Cert ISO 14001.2015 Scad 23mar20


Cesaro Mac Import srl is also certified SOA OS14 Cat class. VIII for participation in tendering procedures for public contracts.

The SOA Certification is a mandatory certificate (issued by Certification Bodies authorized), which proves the economic and technical capacity of a company to qualify for the execution of public contracts and also confirms that the certified entity is in possession of all the necessary requirements to public trading.


Management for Health and Safety at Work

BS OHSAS 18001:2007 EA 3/13


Sistema per la Gestione dell'Energia

Cesaro Mac Import srl is also certified ISO 50001:2011

CMI Certificato 50001


ISO 45001

The ISO 45001 standard contributes to risk mitigation and the improvement of company performance through the creation of a safer work environment and a healthier workforce.

CMI Certificato 45001


Management System for Social Responsibility

Cesaro Mac Import srl is also compliant with the SA800: 2014 standard
for the design of waste treatment and disposal plants,
marketing, installation, after-sales assistance and overhaul of plants, machinery and equipment for waste treatment and disposal

In order to further consolidate its commitment to the territory where it operates, Cesaro Mac Import has obtained the SA8000 certification, an international model based on respect for human rights and workers, opposing the exploitation of child labor and committing to guaranteeing safety and health conditions in the workplace.

Social responsibility is one of the factors that drives the organization of Cesaro Mac Import and its company policy. With this certification, the company wants to demonstrate its commitment to satisfy not only mandatory regulations, but to invest in human capital, in the environment and in relations with the territory.

CMI Certificato SA8000