HB 40 R Stationary

The transportable settlement unit HB 40R is a high-capacity  solution for providing maximum clarity in muddy waters. It relies on a simple, yet very effective, working principle.

First, the untreated wastewater is discharged into a so-called recreation area and, from there, pumped into the interior of the machine. Passing through the transversely arranged lamella plates of the sepraration area makes the suspended particulates adhere to the surface, before sliding down onto the funnel-formed bottom.

The cleansed water then passes through a retaining weir, where the remaining suspended solids are retained on the surface of the water.

The solids settling on the bottom are abraded by a rotary grater thus preventing them from sticking to the funnel and clogging it. By way of opening a gate valve, the sludge can be easily pumped out (continuously or intermittently), eliminating the need for the machine to be removed for emptying.

Measuring 3.1 m x 2.6 m x 2.1 m (height x length x width) and weighing approximately 2 tons the HB 40R settlement unit fits convenientyl in an ISO container and can be operated almost anywhere, even on a barge when river water has to be filtered out on the spot. The machine is usually operated at flow rates of up to 40 m³/h thus securing constantly high throughput. 

In order to utilize the hydraulic performance to full capacity (80 m³/h), the settlement unit can be used in conjunction with a chemical treatment system, especially designed for the continuous and efficient removal of very fine and rapidly settling contaminats such as clay and colloids.


Water treatment is a supporting process for the water-based separation technology from Doppstadt. Whether it is washing, wet screening or a density separation, the process works the better the cleaner the water is. The water treatment allows the process water to be recirculated and thus reduces the consumption of fresh water. The lamella clarifier is a settling process for the separation of settable substances. In combination with flocculants, even suspended solids can also settle down and be separated in a lamella clarifier.

If you are on the lookout for a powerful yet „handy“ settlement solution, the HB 40R is what you would likely invent if it hadn’t already existed.


  • small foot print (6,5m²) while offering a large separation area (40m²)
  • closed-loop water recycling
  • fresh water needs of unit reduced to minimum

Technical data

Total weight (kg)2500
Length (mm)3000
Width (mm)2120
Height (mm)3000
Engine typeelectric
Motor power (kW / PS)0.25 / 0.34
Shoulder surface40m2
Throughputca. 40m3/h

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