SELECTOR 800 Stationary

Barely screenable material streams prone to intertwining rate among the less popular recycling tasks. The Doppstadt Selector 800 readily accepts this challenge. Both its compact, robust construction and high throughput rates make it the perfect solution for the speration of high-density materials (0,6 t/m³ bis 3,0 t/m³) such as mixed construction waste, scrap metal and slag, among others.
The system separates the material stream almost completely clogging- and intertwining-free. The mesh gaps do not clog; the quality of the process remains on the highest level throughout.
The overall efficiency of the Selector is rooted in the great variety of set-up and configuration options. The machine may be equipped with spiral shaft decks and/or star screen decks mounted on the chassis of the Selector 800 or its junior brother HS 400. Customer- and material-specific configurations can be realized in next to no time. Exchanging the screen decks individually allow for the flexible adjustment of separating cuts.
Just what you need – not everything possible!
The hooklift mobile Selector 800 only allows for one conclusion: In case you’re looking for a robust separation solution which offers maximum process reliablity at minimum operating costs, we strongly recommend that you look no further than at the Selector 800 by Doppstadt!


The spiral shaft technology (SWS) provides the perfect separation method for input materials which are particularly difficult to screen. It effectively reduces the amount of contaminants during the first separation stage and can be used for the processing of commercial waste, mixed construction waste, domestic/biowaste, old growth timber, compost (coarse separation), etc.


  • Processing of material streams which are difficult to separate, bogging-prone and likely to cause premature wear and tear on separation equipment 
  • Flexible set-up of spiral shaft decks and/or star screen decks on the basic chassis. Other superstructural parts may be added at will (available also for the preceeding model HS 800 via retrofit kit) 
  • Application of the additional hydraulical connection included in the Doppstadt products/suitable third-party systems (min. 70 l/min. at 250 bar) or a separate hydraulic power unit 
  • Many areas of application. By exchanging the spiral shaft decks (SWS) and star screen decks (DST) split cuts may be individually adjusted, singles decks can be compatibly exchanged between the Selector models 400 and 800 
  • Integrated recirculation line for automatic recirculation of oversized particles into the shredding process 
  • Hook lift mobile construction, compact transport dimensions, requires little set-up time 
  • Basic, robust construction, no electronical systems included, low-wear technology for maximum process reliability 
  • Low energy consumption and minimum operating costs

Technical data

Total weight (kg)ca. 10000
Length (mm)ca. 16000
Width (mm)ca. 2750
Height (mm)ca. 4500
Transport width (mm)2550
Transport height (mm)2700
Transport length (mm)7900
Engine typehydraulic
MakePowered by additional hydraulic connection of a pre-shredder (min. 70 l/min. at 250 bar) or optionally via separate hydraulic power unit

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