Il Girasole
Impianti di Compostaggio in Biotunnel**

Cesaro Mac Import is a global landmark in the environmental technologies division.

Cesaro Mac Import also demonstrates its inclination and its passion for the environment in the composting business by introducing the concentration of technology and innovation that is Il Girasole Tunnel©omposting.

Il Girasole Tunnel©omposting works thanks to 2 cutting-edge components. A powerful and user-friendly software designed to manage parameters as temperature, humidity rate and oxygen concentration in real-time and to plan essential parts of the process in advance.

A closed reactor with a system for air insufflation from the floor, designed to regenerate exhausted air and then recirculate it to minimise disposal.


Air is one of the most important elements for the entire composting process.

Air ensures proper organic waste degradation and enables the operator to monitor the vital parameters of the process continuously, including the humidity rate, oxygen concentration and temperature.

Il Girasole tunnel©omposting system enables organic waste degradation by insufflating air from the tunnel floor. With the capillary and uniform distribution of insufflation holes, air circulates inside the tunnel and enables organic waste ventilation. Air is dosed according to each process phase

and to the temperature of the material. If necessary, fresh air from the exterior can be suctioned in and even moistened via spraying.

The air is constantly in movement: once it has passed through the waste pile, it is extracted and re-insufflated from the floor. The exhaust air is extracted from the tunnel and sent to the purification system before elimination. The system has a two-stage abatement process with water scrubber and bio-filter.

The software

A sophisticated hardware system monitors the entire composting process in real-time via an intuitive and user-friendly software.

During each step of the composting process, the main parameters can be controlled and adjusted if necessary.

Thanks to this software, devised and built to achieve the very best, you will be able to minimise operator interaction while significantly reducing any possible risks and errors.

By monitoring and adjusting the process from step one through to the end, you will be able to achieve optimal yields and avoid accidental damage to the compost. Thanks to dedicated sensors and probes embedded in the pile, you can indeed be notified of any possible system malfunctioning and adjust the supply of air, water, humidity and temperature accordingly. All monitored data are then recorded. You will be able continuously and simultaneously to display and compare new data with sample ones used as reference. Based on this comparison, the software can adjust air flow, water flow and both tunnel and premise conditions, according to a default threshold of process variables.


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