CERON Type 308 Stationary

The DW 308 CERON works on the slow motion principle. The 3.0 m long and 0.8 - 1.0 m thick roller tears the input material through the crusher comb with teeth. This opens automatically in the event of foreign objects, so that damage can be avoided. All wearing parts can be exchanged in a few simple steps. High throughput and chunk material shredding, even for more complex tasks, are no problem for the DW 308 CERON. Maintenance-friendly and simple operation known from the Ceron series combine with the extremely robust drive via bevel-helical gearbox and belt drive perfection in the most difficult applications. Level connection options in the filling and discharge area ensure easy adaptation to system-specific conditions. Thus, the DW 308 CERON is in the true sense of the word the right partner for a powerful bite and enormous throughput. The machine is driven directly by a three-phase motor, belt drive and a powerful bevel-helical gearbox. The speed can be controlled individually, so that the adaptation to the respective process requirements can always be optimally done. The large safety doors and flaps enable effective maintenance from outside the machine. Because the shredding tools of mobile DW solutions can also be used in stationary environments, the DW 308 CERON is hard to beat in terms of flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


The shredders of the DW series process waste wood, logs, roots, green waste, biowaste, garbage, bulky and industrial waste, mixed construction waste and much more. The DW shredders are suitable for all task in the areas of mechanical-biological recycling, biomass, surrogate fuels, and demolition of disposal sites.


  • New drive technology with rotary current motor and frequency converter. Less laborious maintenance compared to the smaller Ceron series.
  • Driven by robust straight bevel gear pair and belt drive. Several gear reductions available, easy change of the motor belt pulley.
  • Very good speed-torque behaviour, because the torque is increased under load and in case of speed drop (comparable with a Vario gearbox from the Inventhor series).
  • Modular design of the machine making more equipment variants available. Shredding systems M, L and XL.
  • Service and maintenance-friendly thanks to the comb flap gate enabling a direct access to the shredding tools. The shredding roller can be driven in inching operation thus facilitating the tool change.
  • Robust frame design, weight depending on the equipment up to 45 tons.
  • Even suited for very dusty environments because the rotary current motor is resistant to dust.
  • Automatic reversing of the shredding roller in case of overload. The machine reverses automatically and then changes to forward running again.

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