DW 3060 Type F - BioPower Mobile

The chameleon-like quality of the DW 3060 Type F BioPower results in output rates typically reserved for high-speed shredding machines. Thanks to the one-of-a-kind QuickChange system the roller can be changed in no time at all, without the cumbersome and time-consuming setup of gearbox and support. The same goes for the counter blade which you can change entirely without tools. Just remove the toothed strip - safely outside the machine. To avoid feeding problems when using smaller tooth sizes the roller’s diameter has been enlarged to 800 mm.

The fine shredding system „Limiter“ is an optional piece of equipment and exactly what you need to 

hold back over-sized particles that somehow made it through the initial shredding stage. Thanks to its gimbal-mounted components the Limiter easily dodges contaminants and takes the maverick particles back to be processed one more time. The DW 3060 Type F Bio Power perfectly embodies the high durability of all Doppstadt DW machines against contaminants.

The „Selector“ is another useful addition to the standard configuration of the DW 3060 Type F Bio Power. The downstream hooklift-starscreen is another barrier to hold back over-size particles and take them back to be screened again. The Selector does’n need a power unit of its own, since it is driven by the extra hydraulics available for all DW machines. 

Looking for a powerful, ultra-precise solution for your shreeding challenges? The DW 3060 Type F Bio Power is exactly what you want.


The shredders of the DOPPSTADT DW series process waste wood, logs, roots, green waste, biowaste, garbage, bulky and industrial waste, mixed construction waste and much more. For special applications, the DW shredders can be easily combined with other Doppstadt products, such as grinders or screens.


  • Maximum efficiency at lowest operating costs using a 100% mechanical drive system and slow-going shredding technology
  • Contaminant-resistant shredding by applying a pneumo-hydraulic counter comb
  • Optionally available contaminant-resistant fine-shredding system "Limiter"
  • The application of different tooth sizes and shredding packages in one machine widens the range of possible grain sizes
  • Integrated limitation of grain size using the Limiter system 
  • Optionally available near-mesh grain separator HS 401 and HS 800 "Selector" to realize finished end products without unwanted fine grain portions
  • Finished end products without oversized materials using the rear star screen system "Selector" (1l Diesel fuel/t)
  • Maximum operational safety based on the simple machine setup and the experience gained from more than 1.000 DW units currently operated in the various markets

Technical data

Total weight (kg)25000
Length (mm)13245
Width (mm)2550
Height (mm)3951
Transport width (mm)2550
Transport height (mm)3951
Transport length (mm)9792
Engine typeDiesel engine
MakeMTU 6R 1300
Exhaust levelEUROMOT IV / Tier IV final
Motor power (kW / PS)360 / 490
Fuel tank (l)600
Torque (Nm) 2300
Engine type2 Dieselengine Daimler OM 460LA
Exhaust levelEUROMOT III A
Torque (Nm)2200
Width (mm)1404
Length (mm)5500
Belt speed (m/s)1,5 - 3 (3,8)
Height (mm)3304
Loading width (mm)4040
Loading height (mm)2900*
Number of rollers1
Roller Length (mm)3000
Roller Diameter (mm)600 / 800
Roller Speed (min-1)28
Number of roller teethSize L = 42, M = 125, S = 145

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