DSP 205 Stationary

The Doppstadt Screw Press 205 is designed for liquid-solid separation of biogenic waste. During this process the bioavailable organic fraction of the input material is concentrated in the liquid phase (filtrate). The filtrate is than used as a substrate to produce biogas using wet fermentation. According to the application the retentate can be composted or directly used as RDF. Usually the filtrate is pumpable and can be diluted by adding process water if necessary. The throughput depends mainly on the input material, the feeding and further factors. It averages between 10 and 12 t/h with a maximum of up to 20 t/h.


The main application of the DSP 205 is the processing of organic residues for a subsequent wet fermentation. The bioavailable fraction of the feed is concentrated in the liquid phase and separated from packaging and contaminants.


  • no pre-shredding or pre-screening
  • very low plastic contamination of the filtrate due to disintegration of packages via shear stress
  • insensitivity to foreign bodies with a diameter of up to 80 mm
  • low energy consumption due to co-rotating pressing cone
  • easy maintenance due to bolted wear segments

Technical data

Total weight (kg)15000
Length (mm)9609
Width (mm)2257
Height (mm)3652
Engine typepressing screw
Motor power (kW / PS)82 / 112
Torque (Nm)18000 - 26000
Engine type2 mixing hopper
Motor power (kW / PS)2x15 / 2x20
Number of screwshaftsone pressing screw, two mixing screws
Diameter (mm)pressing screw: 500mm, mixing screws: 480mm
Loading height (mm)2595
Loading width (mm)3710