WS 2000 K Crawler

The wind blows away the chaff whereas the wheat falls back into the basket: an age-old principle of separating substances based on density and weight – and a principle we have brought to perfection in our WS windsifting machines. Proof needed? Just look at the WS 2000 K. Running on steel-tracks alone makes this machine special, and there are plenty of other qualities you won’t easily find elsewhere in the market. A windsifter able to separate the material stream into four fractions? A working width of 2 m on the infeed belt? You see where we’re getting at.This is all possible because of a combination that really has a lot up its sleeve: the tried-and-tested drive unit of our mobile screening machine SM 620 Plus and the stationary windsifting component WS 2001. Take the best of both worlds and create a breathtakingly innovative an seamless solution – this is what makes Doppstadt so very special!The WS 2000 K separates the material stream in up to four fractions with consideration of weight. The material infeed is pre-treated and supplied according to pre-definined particle sizes. Belt position and inclination with respect to the separation drum can be adjusted in both horizontal and vertical direction. The WS 2001 K stands out for an unparalleled range of application – from construction waste and slag to biowaste and compost – and is very easy to use. Set-up and adjustment to a new material flow is just a matter of minutes.When do you start blowing the dust off your separation processes? Let uns urge you on to make a decision you’re not likely to regret during your lifetime: Go for the WS 2001 K and experience windsifting technology at its very best.


The windsifters of the WS model range can be combined with all Doppstadt screening systems, thus forming a powerful state-of-the-art processing unit. Construction debris, C & D waste, industrial waste, bio waste, RDF, waste wood and compost are suitable input materials for this most innovative realization of substance separation by way of windsifting.


  • Only mobile windsifting solution with 2 m working width on infeed belt
  • Very high throughput of up to 220 m³/h
  • Output stream consisting of up to four fractions
  • Standardized scaling of all set-up parameters for perfect repeatability of separation results
  • Reliable drive unit of SM product range (diesel-hydraulic)

Technical data

Total weight (kg)24500
Length (mm)12070
Width (mm)3000
Height (mm)4111
Transport width (mm)3000
Transport height (mm)3250
Transport length (mm)12070
Engine typeDieselmotor
MakeDEUTZ TCD 3.6 L4
Exhaust levelEUROMOT III B / Tier 4i
Motor power (kW / PS)90 / 122
Fuel tank (l)300
Torque (Nm)480
Power (kW)15
Air discharge volume18500
Power (kW)30
Construction typeRadialventilator

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