CERON Type 256 Stationary

The DW 256 CERON embraces the low-speed principle. 14 wear-resistant steel teeth on a 2 m long an 0.6 m wide roller tear the incoming material through the shredding comb. The comb opens automatically when large and  unshreddable contaminants block passage, thus avoiding untimely wear and tear of the machine’s key components. All wear parts can be replaced quickly and easily.

The stationary shredders of the DW series stand out for high troughput and the lumpy structure of the finished goods. 

Thanks to a variety of connections in the feeding and discharge area the machine easily adjusts to specific conditions concerning plant design and working environment. In the true sense of the word, this makes the DW 256 CERON always a partner that fits.

The machine is driven directly by DC current or AC motors. By means of individual speed regulation the DW 256 CERON always meets the process requirements. The large protection doors and flaps enable maintenance from the outside of the machine.

Since the shredding tools of the mobile DW solutions can be used with the stationary variants as well, the DW 256 CERON is the one to beat when it comes down to flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness.


The shredders of the DW series process waste wood, logs, roots, green waste, biowaste, garbage, bulky and industrial waste, mixed construction waste and much more. The DW shredders are suitable for all task in the areas of mechanical-biological recycling, biomass, surrogate fuels, and demolition of disposal sites.


  • Universally applicable – shredding of various materials 
  • Versatile for use thanks to a great setup variety, a wide range of tooth shapes, drive gear systems, stands or lower belt conveyors 
  • Low power consumption by way of direct motor drive and rectifier
  • Solid machine chassis guarantees long life time
  • Service and maintenance-friendly thanks to the comb flap gate enabling a direct access to the shredding tools. The shredding roller can be driven in inching operation thus facilitating the tool change.
  • Customizable for many different installations both new and existing

Technical data

Total weight (kg)33500
Length (mm)7290
Width (mm)3068
Height (mm)5250
Engine typeDC-Motor
Motor power (kW / PS)210 / 285
Installed power (kW)235
Torque (Nm)1000
Engine type2 DC-Motor
Motor power (kW / PS)315 / 428
Torque (Nm)1500
Engine type 3DC-motor
Motor power (kW / PS)380 / 516
Torque (Nm)1800
Loading width (mm)2660
Loading height (mm)3950 depending on steel framework
Number of rollers1
Roller Length (mm)2500
Roller Diameter (mm)600 / 800
Roller Speed (min-1)210kW 8-32 / 315,380kW 7-28
Number of roller teethdepending on the equipment

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