AK 640 VE Stationary

The flail drum of the AK 640 VE measures 1.75 m in width and 1.1 m in diameter which doesn't exactly make the machine a contender for slimness awards. However, the dimensions are ideal for operation in compost works and treatment plants where bio waste, green waste, bio mass and waste wood are to be processed at high throughput rates. 

On every account, the AK 640 VE is perfectly prepared for all grinding tasks. The machine features overlapping flail rows for better grinding results. The flails swing freely and evade oversized contaminants, thereby significantly reducing mechanical wear.

The scraper floor of the AK 640 VE is another example of maximum efficiency. 32 built-in bars ensure the quick transport of the incoming material. Like main drive and feed roller, the scraper floor is powered by a load-dependent motor control unit. It optimizes both throughput rates and operational economics of the machine.  

Not yet satisfied with what the standard configuration of the AK 640 VE has to offer? Take take a look at the available additional equipment. From lower discharge conveyor and hopper extension to wireless remote control and Profibus interface there are so many options to further enhance the already impressive performance of this stationary grinder.


The stationary grinder AK 640 VE can be used to grind biowaste and green waste in composting plants, for different qualities of wood in waste wood processing plants, in biomass processing plants and for various grinding tasks in the field of recycling.


  • Main drive, scraper floor and feed-in drum are precisely coordinated and controlled by frequency converter thus ensuring an optimal utilization of the machine and a continuous material infeed by direct, electric load-sensing of the drive units.
  • Flail rows topologically overlap for a better grinding result
  • Free swinging flails, retracting in case of contaminants
  • Quick-changing system for the baskets
  • Optimized safety system with sensor-less standstill monitoring
  • Easy transport, because the machine is delivered ready assembled with base frame  and discharge conveyor in one. 
  • Quick mounting and commissioning thanks to BUS control. Therefore reduction of the required cable routing.

Technical data

Total weight (kg)Approx. 22000
Length (mm)7883
Width (mm)2626
Height (mm)3832
Transport width (mm)2626
Transport height (mm)2932
Transport length (mm)7883
Engine typeAC-motor frequency driven
Motor power (kW / PS)450 / 611
Installed power (kW)470
Torque (Nm)2800
Length (mm)6000
Width (mm)1600
Belt speed (m/s)0,5
Loading height (mm)3.046 using a 900 mm steel framework
Width (mm)1750
Diameter (mm)1120
Speed (min-1)1000
Number of Flail teeth36

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